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Thank you for expressing interest in Scuba Diving!

We are a training facility, not just a retail sales store. Why are we differnt? We offer a totally comprehensive course. We start with professional classroom instruction followed by confined water/pool sessions, and finally open water training dives. A total of 32 hours of combined classroom and confined water instruction and 18 hours in preparation and open water training dives for a total of 50 hours of instruction and training.

upon successful completion of the course, you will have earned a rating of Scuba Diver from the National Association of Underwater Instructors, NAUI, which will allows you to pursue recreational diving adventures and continue your diving eductation

There is only one reason why NAUI has dedicated over 35 years to developing the finest recreational diving instructors in the world and supporting them with the most stringent recreational diving safety standards... that reason is you.

Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and as such, it has inherent risks. NAUI understands this. They also understand that the only way to minimize risk is to maximize education. There are many scuba certification programs available today, but there is only one that can be called a scuba education program. And, education is the true NAUI difference.

The combination of exceptional leadership, sound educational materials, and true concern for the individual, has resulted in the most respected safety record in the recreational diving community. So, when you enroll in a NAUI diving program, you can be assured you're receiving the finest diving education available. Our instructors won't accept anything less... and neither should you.

The course included text and workbooks, dive tables, dive training and recreational logbook, portolio, student folder, student binder with all course hand-outs, all scuba equipment for the confined water/pool sessions, and air fills, as well as your certification card, once all requirements have been met and training dives have been completed through Divehards International. Additionally, all facility and pool costs, as well as, lifeguard fees are included.

All of the above is included in the tuition of $250.00.

You must provide your own personal equipment including mask, snorkel, boots and fins. Because we are a training facility interested in creating safe and competent divers, the first day of class will include guidance and instruction on what to buy. If you would like the oppertunity to try differnt gear before making a purchase, we offer the same equipment on a rental basis. Renting gear allows you to determine what you like and what works for you without making a large investment. Should you decide to purchase your gear through Divehards International, your full rental fees will be applied to your already reduced student price!

Once you have completed the classroom and pool sessions, you will be ready for your training dives. There are a variety of destinations and price ranges to choose from. Your training dives can be completed locally over a weekend during our diving season, June through September, or while traveling with Divehards International to an exciting, tropical locale! Our international trips usually run during the week of Thanksgiving, Spring break (May), and Summer break (July). Destinations vary each year. We schedule local diving throughout the dive season. We make every attempt to make the local diing experience both convenient and affordable will meeting the needs of the student who needs to complete his/her training dives as well as those divers whho are already certified who just want to get wet.

Your tuition includes the instructor's time during training dives, however the cost and expense of the trip whether local or abroad, is the responsibility of the student.

In the list below you'll discover the many fine programs offered by NAUI. Click on the Course name for more information and some of the course prerequisites.

The NAUI Progression of Training:

Technical Diver Courses Master Scuba Diver Advanced Scuba Diver Scuba Diver Skindiver Specialty Diver Courses Leadership Courses Instructor Courses Divemaster Courses Skindiving Instructor Assistant Instructor Technical Nitrox Diver Decompression Techniques Extended Range Diver Gas Blending and Oxygen Service Technician Technical Penetration Wreck Diver Tri-mix - Level 1 Tri-mix - Level 2 Semi-closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver Night Diver Underwater Environment Underwater Hunter and Collector Search and Recovery Diver Underwater Photographer Underwater Archeologist Underwater Ecologist Scuba Rescue Diver Advanced Scuba Rescue Diver Training Assistant Wreck Diver (External Survey) Wreck Diver (Penetration) Dry Suit Diver Ice Diver Deep Diver Cavern Diver Cave Diver Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Diver More... Entry Scuba Experience / Passport Diver Program

Download the NAUI Training Progression in PDF format here!

Courses are currently taught at the following locations:

CMU / Oakland
Club One / Shadyside
Olympia / Penn Hills
JCC / Squirrel Hill


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